Generate more customers and brand advocates by building and engaging a community over Social media.

Social Media Marketing has become a vital part of digital marketing strategy in today’s digitally social age. It does not just helps marketers raise the brand awareness, but also generate more customers and brand advocates. However, due to rise of many social channels, managing all such channels and making social media a profitable strategy is the biggest challenge the marketers are facing today.

IKON’s social media marketing experts helps clients to cope up with this challenge by developing or optimizing their social media strategy that is aligned to their broad marketing strategy and executing it effectively to get better ROI.

Our Approach to Social Media Marketing

Research and Social Media Audit

After understanding the client’s business, goals and marketing strategy, our social media analyst conducts a systematic audit of client’s existing social media marketing efforts and come up with the areas of improvements. Apart from it, we assess the strength and weaknesses of competitors to identify the opportunities for getting ahead of them across all the social channels.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Based on the outcome of research and audit, our team develops a social media marketing strategy based around the business goals you want to achieve. This includes mainly the selection of the best suitable social channels your target customers use, a mission statement for each social channel and Brand’s VTS (voice, tone, style). It also includes recommendations for content type, post frequency and time and paid promotion for community building and raising visibility of content.

Content Development and Implementation

Once the strategy is ready, our team starts implementing the social media strategy right from creating or optimizing social profiles and page. We then develop the content your target customers will love and share it over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other decided social channels, at the right time to gain more visibility and thereby user engagement. Apart from it, we also create and manage paid campaign across all the social channels to achieve specific goals. Apart from it, our team guides the client to implement an effective social communication strategy to ensure client is consistently listening and responding to the customers.

Monitor and Optimize

With having an understanding of metrics, our team constantly monitors the results of strategy implementation across all the social channels and optimize it as required. We provide clients with a monthly report that gives insights into followers, likes, engagement and other key social media KPIs.