Get instant visibility and traffic through paid campaign over search engines, social media and more.

Pay Per Click Advertising PPC is a very lucrative form of digital marketing and if done correctly, it not only gives instant visibility on search engines but generate quality traffic to a website and app. However, there are few things to watch out for and keep an eye on it constantly to get the most out of it and proving ROI.

Combining our expertise in marketing communication and digital advertising, we help clients develop their PPC strategy and executing it by creating, monitoring and optimizing PPC campaign across search engines, social media and other platforms.

Our Approach to Pay Per Click Advertising

Customer Insights

After understanding client’s overall business and goal(s), we start with conducting a comprehensive research to generate customer insights. We gather quantitative and qualitative data using Google Analytics, Customer Survey and other reliable data sources, and further analyze it to know how target customer search the information over internet and what persuade them to click on ad.

PPC Advertising Strategy

Keeping in mind client’s budget and outcome of customer insights, we develop a workable PPC strategy that not only generate traffic but also ensures maximum ROI. It includes selection of Target audience, Keywords, Platform, types of PPC ads and measurement metrics tailored to the client’s business goal.

PPC Campaign Management

Whether a PPC strategy developed by us or provided by the client, we execute it by creating and running campaigns, including compelling ad copy & creative across all the decided platforms. While running the campaigns, we make sure that it resonated with target audience and produces desired results.

Monitor and Optimize

Our team constantly track the performance of PPC campaign across all the channels and optimize it as required. We provide clients with a monthly report that gives insights into impressions, clicks and CTR of all the campaigns.

Types of Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) we do

The utising power of Google Adwords and Bing Ads, we advertise you on the first page of search results when potential customer search a keywords related to your business or product. We create text ads that not only grab attention of audience but generate interests and persuade them to visit your website or landing page.

We display your ads on a variety of niche websites, news sites, portals, blogs and mobile applications to reach more target customers. We create an interesting and persuasive Ads in different formats such as text, image and video that shown to those who are likely interested in your product or business.

We advertise your text ads, image ads and video ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to drive traffic to your website and social media channel.

We can promote your video ads to gain more views and engagement. Apart, we can advertise in a popular YouTube video to drive traffic to your website.

Using retargeting (or remarketing) tool we advertise you to those audiences who have visited your website or installed app but not taken any action. This helps you remind and persuade them to visit again on your website and take action.

We create and manage App Install campaign over Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter to drive more downloads for Android and iOS mobile apps.

Digital Platform We Cover for PPC Advertising

google adwords


bing ads

Bing Ads

linkedin ads


facebook ads


twitter ads


youtube video ads