Build exceptional marketing & sales capabilities that drive the business growth

To achieve desired marketing and sales goals, it is essential that strategies, policies and processes are implemented efficiently, effectively, and consistently. Effective implementation requires efficient marketing & sales organization where authority and responsibilities are properly delegated as well as supporting enablers such as compensation scheme, KPIs, tools and training programs has been established to ensure that the team has the best support.

What we do

We help clients build their organization’s marketing & sales capabilities that can take better marketing decisions and implement the strategy effectively. As a part of this service, we can,

  • Identify needs of human resources for marketing & sales
  • Design the marketing & sales organization structure
  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities of the team
  • Advise salary package and incentive plan
  • Define sales process and actions to be taken at various stages
  • Facilitate the recruitment process
  • Identify needs for the training and deliver the training programs
  • Recommend KPIs and MIS report format

Benefits you can expect

  • Established efficient marketing & sales organization
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities of the team
  • Effective implementation of marketing & sales strategies
  • Smooth and efficient workflow
  • Improved performance of marketing & sales team

Examples of our recent marketing & sales organization work

  • Helped a packaged food company build its marketing organization for execution of recommended Go-to-market strategy. This led to successful launch of the product and establishment of a distribution network in target geographies.
  • Redesigned a sales structure, process and policies for a pharma company and also trained the sales force that improved their sales performance and achieved 40% sales growth.
  • For an auto component manufacturer, redesigned their marketing and sales organization structure and optimized supporting enablers. It helped a client in building and implementing marketing strategies for new products.
...and more such 50 plus engagements.

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