Get succeed in the market and gain a sustainable competitive advantage

Even superior products fail in the market if they are not targeted and positioned to the right customer at the right price through the most effective communication and distribution channel. This failure can be prevented by an innovative Go-to-market strategy with the right product-market fit and compelling value proposition. However, in today’s competitive environment, marketers need to adopt a data driven approach for developing and implementing Go-to-market strategy.

What we do

We develop Go-to-market strategy which is backed by customer and competitor insights. Besides that, we work closely with the client at each stage of strategy implementation to get the desired outcome. As a part of this service we,

  • Identify the most profitable customer segments to target
  • Define the most compelling value proposition for each customer segments
  • Set the price for customers and distribution channels
  • Determine distribution channel and geographic coverage plan
  • Decide the sales target for all the segments
  • Prepare a marketing communication plan
  • Guide the implementation

Benefits you can expect

  • A clearly defined plan of action
  • Faster time to market the product
  • Quick product adoption by customers
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • An established path for growth

While developing Go-to-market strategy, we mainly focus on the customer’s current and emerging needs, and client’s capabilities to satisfy those needs. Adopting a data driven approach, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of the client’s capabilities and market -customers, competitors, industry- to discover the meaningful insights. Further, applying our years of experience and functional expertise, we build innovative go-to-market strategies for our clients

Our recent go-to-market strategy work

  • Developed a Go-to-market strategy of packaged food products that helped a food company launch its products successfully against big players.
  • Optimized a Go-to-market strategy of innovative formwork product that helped construction equipment manufacturer gain faster adoption in the market.
  • For a tech company, developed a Go-to-market strategy for its communication app and supported in implementing that increased their app users and revenues.
...and many such 200 plus engagements.

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