Build a powerful brand, the world talks about and refer to others

‘Brand’ is the way beyond just a name and logo; rather it is the wholesome experience that customers receive from the product and company itself. In today’s crowded market, customers choose and refer to the brand that gives them a particular feeling and positive experience across all the touchpoints. A well-defined and executed brand strategy builds a stronger emotional connection with customers, increases brand equity and generates brand advocates.

What we do

We develop brand strategy and guide the implementation that helps clients to build a powerful and enduring brand. Under that we,

  • Develop a brand positioning statement
  • Recommend a unique brand name
  • Determine the appropriate brand architecture
  • Formulate the brand extension strategy
  • Develop brand repositioning and transition strategy
  • Guide the delivery of the brand promise across all touchpoints
  • Design a brand logo

Benefits you can expect

  • A clear understanding of the brand’s point of difference
  • Increased brand recognition and top of the mind awareness
  • Easy introduction of new products due to established brand
  • Enhanced brand credibility and market share
  • Higher profitability from increased customer loyalty

Examples of our recent brand strategy work

  • Developed a brand repositioning and transition strategy for a Sweden based bearing company that helped them successfully reposition the existing brand and enhance the brand equity.
  • For a technology startup, decided on a brand name, created the visual identity and its positioning strategy that helped them introduce their product more effectively.
  • Defined a brand positioning, architecture and communication plan for a packaged food company that increased the brand awareness and market share.
...and more such 200 plus engagements.

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