Develop innovative offerings that customers can adopt quickly

In today’s dynamic market environment, customer behavior is changing rapidly and hence their needs and wants. Innovation is essential to meet those ever-changing customer’s expectations and gain a competitive advantage in the market. However, developing such innovative products requires a proper strategy for innovation and product development built using customer insights and a competitive landscape.

What we do

We help clients to develop innovative offerings and build product management capabilities. As a part of it we,

  • Identify new product opportunities within markets, customer segments, and distribution channels
  • Develop and evaluate new product concepts
  • Select winning products for existing and new markets
  • Develop a value proposition of the product
  • Determine the product attributes - feature, quality, packing, packaging design- that deliver the value
  • Rationalize the product portfolio

Benefits you can expect

  • Developed Innovative offerings that drive business growth
  • Reduced risk of new product failure
  • Faster time to market
  • Decreased cost and improved bottom line due to rationalizing product portfolio
  • Improved performance of existing products

Examples of our recent product management work

  • For a FMCG company, we identified new product opportunities in the personal care segment and further helped them develop and launch it successfully in the market.
  • Developed value proposition and designed product packaging for a packaged food manufacturer that helped them gain quick adoption in the market.
  • Rationalized product portfolio of a pharma company and optimized their product management capabilities that improved their profitability by 33%.

...and many such 100 plus engagements.