Attract and influence target audience by creating and delivering storytelling content.

Content marketing is a powerful tool of digital marketing that can be leveraged to attract and influence the target audience through the contents. However, in today’s information age, where customers are bombarded with the more content than ever before, gaining and maintaining the competitive edge through content marketing is the major challenge faced by marketers.

Combining our expertise in marketing communication and digital marketing, we help clients overcome such challenge by developing and executing content marketing strategy.

Our Approach to Content Marketing

Research and Content Marketing Audit

After having initial inputs, we conduct a systematic audit of client’s existing content marketing efforts to check the health of existing content and how it is conveying the brand message across all the touch points. We also explore the content of competitors to identify the opportunities for creating difference.

Content Marketing Strategy

Based on outcome of research and audit, we develop a content marketing strategy that is aligned to both; your overall marketing communication strategy and your brand positioning. This will include the recommendation of target audience, content idea and formats, digital channels, and performance measurement metrics.

Content Development

People love story and with this belief, we develop a unique and compelling storytelling contents such as web content, blogs, SEO articles, press releases, video, infographics, landing pages, white papers, eBook and social media creative that ensures it conveys the right message to the right audience and resonates with the brand personality.

Content Distribution and Implementation

After creating a great piece of content, we guide and support you for getting your content in front of your target audience. Recommendations of owned and paid media channel with campaign schedule will be given, where you should push your content to pull customers. Also, support you in implementing it by running and managing campaign over paid channels.

Monitor and Optimize

Taking the data driven approach, we measure the performance of created and published content across all the channels using various analytics tools. This help clients identify potential opportunities for improving content performance and improve its impact.