An Eye Hospital increases patient visits and improves brand reputation through strategic transformation


In the midst of a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, an esteemed eye hospital faced significant challenges in maintaining its competitive edge. Despite being recognized for its expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, the hospital experienced a decline in patient visits and struggled to adapt to changing patient expectations and market dynamics. Seeking a solution to rejuvenate their marketing operations and regain their market position, the client engaged IKON.

Approach & Recommendations

To identify the key factors contributing to the hospital's decline, we embarked on an in-depth analysis of its current marketing operations and market positioning. Our team conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the hospital's services, patient demographics, and competitive landscape. We also assessed patient feedback and conducted interviews with key stakeholders, including doctors and administrators to gain valuable insights into the hospital's strengths and weaknesses.

Our findings unveiled several critical issues affecting the hospital's growth potential. These included a lack of awareness among the target patient population, inefficient patient acquisition and retention strategies, and an outdated approach to patient experience and satisfaction. Additionally, the hospital's marketing efforts were fragmented and lacked a cohesive brand identity.

Based on our analysis, we devised a strategic roadmap to revitalize the hospital and drive sustainable growth. Our recommendations included:

Enhancing Brand Awareness: We proposed a comprehensive brand awareness campaign to increase the hospital's visibility among the target audience. This involved leveraging both traditional and digital marketing channels to effectively communicate the hospital's unique value proposition and its commitment to delivering exceptional eye care services.

Patient Experience Optimization: Recognizing the importance of patient satisfaction and loyalty, we recommended implementing patient-centric initiatives. This included streamlining appointment scheduling, reducing wait times, and improving overall patient experience through personalized care and attentive staff.

Refining Marketing Communication Strategies: We developed a robust marketing communication strategy that encompassed various channels, such as local newspaper & TV channels, social media, online advertising, influencer marketing and community outreach programs. By tailoring messages to resonate with different patient segments, we aimed to attract new patients while nurturing existing relationships.

Building Strategic Partnerships: We advised the client to establish strategic collaborations with referring physicians, optometrists, and local community organizations. This would foster a network of trusted partners and enhance the hospital's reputation as a leading eye care provider in the region.

To ensure successful implementation of our recommendations, we provided the client with detailed guidance and support. This included developing a clear roadmap for execution, defining key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress, and providing hands-on assistance throughout the implementation process. Our team collaborated closely with the hospital staff, conducting training sessions, facilitating change management, and continuously monitored the implementation to address any challenges that arose.


Through the implementation of our strategic recommendations, the client experienced a remarkable transformation and achieved notable outcomes. Within a year, the hospital witnessed a significant increase in patient visits, with a surge in new patients seeking their services. The comprehensive brand awareness campaign successfully positioned the hospital as a trusted and reputable destination for eye care, attracting patients from both local and neighboring regions. Furthermore, the client’s focus on optimizing the patient experience led to improved Net Promoter Score and a higher rate of patient referrals. By embracing digital marketing channels and forging strategic partnerships, the hospital expanded its reach and strengthened its reputation within the medical community.

Note: We are committed to clients' confidentiality. So their names have not been disclosed, but the results are real.

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