Turnaround strategy for an Automotive company

A degrowing automotive company starts growth with a turnaround strategy

Market insight for a bottled water brand

Market insight uncovered new product opportunities for a leading bottled water brand

Marketing strategy for packaged wheat flour

Packaged food brand creates space against the big players through optimized marketing strategies

Strategic transformation of Eye Hospital

An Eye Hospital increases patient visits and improves brand reputation through strategic transformation

GTM Strategy for a footwear component manufacturer

Footwear component manufacturer establishes a strong market presence with a winning Brand and GTM Strategy

GTM Strategy for a cPaas startup

A cPaas Startup achieves Global recognition and acquires notable customers within short span of time

Rebranding for a business group

A business group raises funds through rebranding and effective communication strategies

GTM Strategy for a optical store chain

A chain of Optical stores increases sales through refined Go-to-market strategy

Digital Marketing of a Bearing manufacturer

A bearing manufacturer starts direct export through digital marketing efforts

Brand repositioning of a bearing company

Industrial bearing company enhances the brand image and market share through brand repositioning

Brand strategy for a food processing plant manufacturer

Food processing plant manufacturer increases brand awareness with a new brand strategy

Market opportunity assessment for a textile company

Textile leader identifies lucrative markets to enter through a market opportunity assessment

Go-to-Market strategy for a new FMCG brand

Successful launch and recognition of FMCG brand with a new Go-to-Market strategy

Marketing strategies for a construction equipment manufacturer

Construction equipment manufacturer gets market acceptance with improved marketing strategies

Trasformational marketing strategy for a pharmaceutical company

Pharma company maintains growth momentum through transformational marketing strategies

Sales strategy for an Automotive company

Two wheeler company doubles the sales in dealer territory with a new sales strategy

Turnaround marketing strategy for a healthcare company

A struggling healthcare company increases sales and ROI with a turnaround marketing strategy

International Marketing Strategies for a FMCG player

FMCG player expands global footprint through international marketing strategies