Market entry strategy and GTM plan propel foreign natural mineral water brand’s success in India


A natural mineral water brand based in the United Kingdom engaged IKON for entering the Indian market. With a reputation for producing premium natural mineral water, the client aimed to tap into the growing demand for high-quality bottled water in India. They enlisted our expertise to devise a comprehensive market entry strategy and go-to-market plan tailored to the Indian market landscape.

Approach & Recommendations

To formulate an effective market entry strategy, we conducted extensive market research to gain insights into the premium natural mineral water market in India. Our analysis revealed a significant increase in demand for premium bottled water, particularly among consumers frequenting premium clubs, 5-star hotels in metro cities, and popular travel destinations. This trend highlighted a lucrative opportunity for our client to target affluent consumers seeking high-quality bottled water options.

Based on our research findings, we devised a robust GTM strategy tailored to the Indian market dynamics. This strategy encompassed various recommendations, including:

Target Consumer Segments and Geographies - We identified affluent consumers in metro towns, premium clubs, 5-star hotels, and popular travel spots as the primary target segments for our client's bottled water brand.

Pricing Strategy - Leveraging our market insights, we recommended a competitive pricing strategy that positioned the brand as a premium offering while remaining attractive to target consumers

Sales Channel Strategy - We outlined a comprehensive sales channel strategy, encompassing both traditional retail channels and strategic partnerships with premium establishments such as hotels, clubs, and travel destinations. Furthermore, We provided guidance on establishing distribution channels and forging partnerships with distributors and retailers to ensure widespread availability of the brand across key geographies and consumer touchpoints.

Promotional Plan - Our promotional plan encompassed a mix of traditional and digital marketing channels to effectively reach and engage target consumers. This included influencer partnerships, social media campaigns, experiential marketing events, and strategic collaborations with luxury brands

Marketing and Sales Team Structure - To execute the GTM strategy effectively, we recommended a structured marketing and sales team comprising experienced professionals with expertise in brand management, sales, and distribution in the Indian market.


Within the initial phase of implementation, our client's bottled water brand successfully penetrated the Indian market, securing partnerships with premium clubs, 5-star hotels, and high-traffic travel destinations. The brand's presence in these strategic locations helped garner attention from affluent consumers seeking premium bottled water options, leading to a significant increase in market share and brand visibility. By leveraging our tailored market entry strategy, our client was able to establish a strong foothold in the competitive Indian bottled water market and pave the way for sustained growth and expansion in the years to come.

Note: We are committed to clients' confidentiality. So their names have not been disclosed, but the results are real.

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