Strategic market assessment facilitates Private Equity investment in a beverage company


During the due diligence process for a potential investment in a beverage company, a Private Equity (PE) firm recognized the importance of gaining comprehensive insights into the market landscape. To support their decision-making process, they engaged IKON to conduct a pan India market assessment and forecast the future trajectory of the beverage industry.

Approach & Recommendations

Recognizing the significance of thorough market assessment, our team delved into a multifaceted analysis encompassing historical and current market dynamics, segment-specific trends, competitive landscape, and future growth prospects. Through meticulous research and data analysis, we unearthed the following key insights:

Historical and Current Market Size - By analyzing historical data and current market trends, we accurately assessed the size and growth trajectory of the beverage market in India. This provided essential context for evaluating the company's potential market positioning and growth prospects.

Segment-Specific Market Size - We segmented the market based on product categories, geographical regions, and sales channels to gain a nuanced understanding of market dynamics. This granular analysis enabled the PE firm to identify growth opportunities and target specific market segments effectively.

Market Dynamics - Our analysis delved into the drivers, challenges, and opportunities shaping the beverage industry landscape. From shifting consumer preferences to regulatory changes and technological advancements, we identified key factors influencing market growth and competitiveness.

Competitive Landscape - A comprehensive assessment of the competitive landscape provided insights into brand share, positioning, strengths, weaknesses, and strategies of key players in the market. This competitive intelligence enabled the PE firm to gauge the company's competitive positioning and identify potential areas for differentiation.

Future Forecast - Leveraging historical data trends and market dynamics, we generated future forecasts to project market growth trajectories and anticipate emerging trends. This forward-looking analysis provided valuable insights for strategic planning and investment decision-making.

Key Success Factors - We identified key success factors critical for gaining market share in the beverage industry, including product innovation, branding, distribution network, pricing strategy, and consumer engagement initiatives. These insights provided strategic guidance for the company's future growth and competitiveness.


Armed with these comprehensive insights and recommendations, the PE firm was able to make a well-informed investment decision, ultimately leading to a successful investment in the beverage company. By leveraging IKON's market assessment findings, the PE firm positioned themselves to capitalise on the growth potential of the beverage sector in India and drive value creation for their stakeholders. The investment underscored the critical role of strategic market assessment in guiding investment decisions and facilitating successful outcomes in the dynamic beverage industry.

Note: We are committed to clients' confidentiality. So their names have not been disclosed, but the results are real.

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