A Footwear component manufacturer created brand awareness and acquired new customers through digital marketing


A footwear component manufacturer recognized the need to enhance brand awareness and generate leads through digital channels to expand its market reach and attract potential customers. Seeking expert guidance, the company engaged IKON to develop and execute a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored to its unique business objectives.

Approach & Recommendations

IKON team initiated the project by conducting thorough competitor research and benchmarking to gain insights into industry best practices and identify areas of opportunity. Leveraging this intelligence, we developed a tailored digital marketing strategy aligned with the client's objectives. Key components of our approach included:

Segment-Specific Market Size - We segmented the market based on product categories, geographical regions, and sales channels to gain a nuanced understanding of market dynamics. This granular analysis enabled the PE firm to identify growth opportunities and target specific market segments effectively.

Message Development - Crafting compelling messaging tailored to resonate with the target audience was crucial. We developed impactful messaging that highlighted the unique value proposition of the client's footwear components, emphasising quality, durability, and innovation to differentiate the brand in the market.

Digital Channel Selection - Based on our research and analysis, we recommended a mix of digital channels including Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing. Each channel was strategically chosen to maximise reach, engagement, and lead generation within the client's budget constraints.

Budget Allocation and Implementation Plan - We developed a detailed budget allocation plan outlining the investment required for each digital channel and proposed an implementation timeline to ensure seamless execution of the digital marketing strategy.

With the digital marketing strategy in place, IKON's team proceeded to execute the plan with precision and efficiency. Leveraging advanced analytics and performance tracking tools, we continuously monitored and optimised campaign performance to drive maximum results.


Through collaboration with IKON, the footwear component manufacturer successfully leveraged digital marketing to achieve its objectives of enhancing brand awareness and driving lead generation. The tailored digital marketing strategy, coupled with meticulous execution, enabled the client to establish a strong market presence, win lucrative orders, and pave the way for sustained business growth in the competitive footwear industry landscape.

Note: We are committed to clients' confidentiality. So their names have not been disclosed, but the results are real.

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