Successful launch and recognition of FMCG brand with a new Go-to-Market strategy


A new FMCG player engaged IKON to advise them on the Go-to-Market strategy for their personal care brand.

Approach & Recommendations

IKON team started with identifying the market opportunities to make a space for a new brand in the market, especially focusing on competition, customer segments and current market trends. Simultaneously the internal environmental analysis was carried out to identify product optimization opportunities, check client’s capabilities and readiness to launch the new brand.

The study revealed an important insight about customer segments and possible value proposition. For example, a male segment of a certain age group belonging to SEC A & B living in urban cities were untapped and less focussed by major players. Further, it has been identified that this segment was seeking a solution that can satisfy its behavioral needs such as ‘look younger’.

With the help of gained insights, IKON’s marketing strategy experts came up with the decision of target customer segments and brand’s value proposition. Further, product portfolio recommended with the key attributes and packaging designs. Keeping in focus the profit objective and to remain competitive in the market, competitive pricing strategies recommended. To place the brand at targeted sales points, a distribution channel was recommended along with the geographic coverage plan. Further, a marketing communication plan was recommended including digital channels to create brand awareness among the target audience. Also, a marketing organization structure was designed for effective execution of the strategy.


By implementing IKON’s recommended Go-to-Market strategy, the client had successfully launched its new brand in selected states with the appointment of distributors and the placement of products at desired sales points. The campaign brought the desired outcome of creating brand recognition within just 12 months of launch.

Note: We are committed to clients' confidentiality. So their names have not been disclosed, but the results are real.

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