Indian Platinum Jewellery Market: Young India Affair

platinum jewellery market

Platinum jewellery has its own presence in Gems and Jewellery sector focusing niche market across the world considering its quality, designs and the ultimate symbol status. After China, Japan, Europe and US, India is the fifth largest consumer of platinum jewellery though in India, platinum jewellery is just a decade old phenomena. Designers choose platinum most, to stud diamonds and colored stone because of its strength and durability to design rings, pendants, necklace, bangles, chains, cufflinks and many other products. According to IKON’s estimates, platinum jewellery market in India is worth around Rs 1900 Cr and growing at a healthy double digit CAGR of 45%. With changing taste and demographics, Indian consumers very well adopted celebrating festivals and life turning occasions with platinum jewellery.

The report gives an overall feel about Platinum Jewellery market in India with the size of market in terms of value and volume, at what rate the market is growing and what will be future of market in optimistic and pessimistic scenario. Reveals very first time the cities having major market for platinum jewellery in terms of market size. Though being niche in overall Gems & Jewellery market, who are the major players and how the competition is within. The current market trends reveals what are the highly demanded products, at what price, which promotion tactics used and how the product distributed to reach to ultimate buyer. Consumer insight reveals who are the main buyers of platinum jewellery, what they buy, when they buy and why they buy, what they believe about platinum jewellery and how it remains a young India affair. The report identify areas of business interest for Indian and foreign companies, serve as market insight for senior level decision maker, analysts, industry observers and marketing professionals.

The report begins with the overview of platinum metal highlighting its global supply and demand and usage of platinum in various industries across the globe including jewellery. Chapter 2 provides how the appetite for Platinum Jewellery in India is grown and in future how it would likely to remain and which Indian cities are ruling the market. Chapter 3 provides competition overview with listing down major players. Chapter 4 highlights the current market trends and how the interest towards platinum jewellery increasing in India. Chapter 5 provides the consumer insight for platinum jewellery and identifies the potential target customers. Chapter 6 provides the export import figures of platinum jewellery in value and volume terms and major nations from where India is importing and exporting platinum jewellery. Chapter 7 & 8 deals with major growth drivers and challenges respectively. Chapter 9 deals with who are the major players ruling Indian Platinum Jewellery market with their brief profiles. Chapter 10 provides regulatory framework related to Platinum Jewellery in India.

This report is useful for,

  • Understanding and scanning the Indian market for identifying market entry and growth opportunities
  • Getting insights of market segments & seizing emerging market opportunities
  • Analyzing competition at national level
  • Developing nation wide marketing strategy and plan

Beneficial to:

Jewellers, Jewellery manufacturers, Investors and Venture Capitalists, Industry Analysts & Consultants, Corporate and Entrepreneurs, Industry association, Education and Government Institutes

Table of Content:

Research Methodology

Executive Summary

  • 1.1 Global Supply Overview – Platinum
  • 1.2 Global Demand Overview – Platinum
  • 1.3 Global Market Overview – Platinum Jewellery
  • 2.1 Market Overview
  • 2.2 Market Segmentation
  • 2.3 Market Structure
  • 2.4 Market Size and Growth
    • 2.4.1 Market Size – Value Analysis
    • 2.4.2 Market Size – Volume Analysis
    • 2.4.3 Market Size – Top 10 Cities
  • 2.5 Future Outlook
  • 3.1 Overview
  • 3.2 Key Players Presence
  • 4.1 Product trend
  • 4.2 Pricing trend
  • 4.3 Promotion trend
  • 4.4 Distribution trend
  • 5.1 Who Buys Platinum jewellery in India?
  • 5.2 What they Buy?
  • 5.3 When they Buy?
  • 5.4 Why they Buy?
  • 5.5 What they Believe?
  • 6.1 International Trade Overview
  • 6.2 Export Import of platinum jewellery
  • 6.3 Export Import Destinations for Indian Platinum Jewellery

Market Drivers

Market Challenges

  • 1. Shrenuj & Company
  • 2. InterGold Gems Pvt Ltd (ORRA)
  • 3. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Ltd
  • 4. Titan Company Ltd
  • 5. Kalyan Jewellers
  • 5. Malabar Gold & Diamonds
  • Joyalukkas

Regulatory Environment

About IKON

  • Exhibit 1: Global Supply of Platinum
  • Exhibit 2: Share of Supplier Countries – 2013
  • Exhibit 3: Global Demand of Platinum (Gross)
  • Exhibit 4: Global Demand of Platinum by Application (share)
  • Exhibit 5: Region’s Gross Demand of Platinum
  • Exhibit 6: Demand by Applications in Major Regions
  • Exhibit 7: Global Demand of Platinum for Jewellery (Gross)
  • Exhibit 8: Region’s Share in Global Platinum Demand for Jewellery
  • Exhibit 9: Platinum Jewellery Market in India: Value Analysis (2009-14)
  • Exhibit 10: Platinum Jewellery Market in India: Volume Analysis (2009-14)
  • Exhibit 11: Platinum Jewellery market in India (2017-18)
  • Exhibit 12: Availability of Products at Retail Outlets
  • Exhibit 13: Average Price Range of Platinum Jewellery
  • Exhibit 14: Retail presence of Platinum Jewellery in India
  • Exhibit 15: Potential Customer base of Platinum Jewellery in India – Age wise
  • Exhibit 16: Foreign Travelers to India
  • Exhibit 17: Platinum Jewellery product preferences for Indian consumers
  • Exhibit 18: Platinum Jewellery buying occasions for Indian consumers
  • Exhibit 19: Platinum Jewellery buying beliefs of Indian consumers
  • Exhibit 20: International Trade of Platinum Jewellery - In Value
  • Exhibit 21: International Trade of Platinum Jewellery - In Volume
  • Exhibit 22: Country share in India’s Platinum Jewellery Import
  • Exhibit 23: Country share in India’s Platinum Jewellery export
  • Exhibit 24: Population Distribution in India
  • Exhibit 25: India personal disposable income
  • Exhibit 26: Global Cumulative Average Price of Gold Vs. Platinum
  • Figure 1: Indian Market Structure
  • Figure 2: Supply Chain – Platinum Jewellery in India
  • Figure 3: Potential Customer base of Platinum Jewellery in India – Gender wise
  • Table 1: Major Supplier Countries
  • Table 2: Global Gross Demand of Platinum by Application (MT)
  • Table 3: Top 10 Cities – Market Size in Value
  • Table 4: State wise authorized retailers of platinum jewellery
  • Table 5: Top 10 Key Players
  • Table 5: Top 10 Key Players
  • Table 7: Top 5 Highly Demanded Products

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