linen apparels

Global Linen Apparel Market: Rising of Green Fibre

The global image of Linen apparel is considered as the premium range apparels, and generally business class and corporate world is the main users of linen apparels due to its rich nature. Also linen is used more for men's ware..

linen household

Global Linen Home Textile Market: Decorating Homes Differently

The linen household textiles includes home decorating clothes like Bed Linen, Bath Linen, Table Linen, Kitchen Linen, Curtains, Linen Window Coverings, Aprons. Generally the fashion in household textiles does not change..

natural mineral water

Natural Mineral Water Market in India: Spring time ahead

The Indian bottled water industry has witnessed an unprecedented boom in recent years, owing to the improvement in living standards of the middle class and a significant increase in their disposable incomes..


Furniture Market in India: Boom Time Ahead

India is a land of wonderful and marvelous artistic work of wood. The rich handicraft and beautiful traditional attributes of art and design have established a reputation of Indian Furniture Industry in the nation and worldwide..

indian real estate market

Indian Real Estate Market: Bubble or a bit Trouble?

A fear of bubble comes in the mind of everyone who is looking to buy or invest in real estate now a day. But without looking at facts one should not come up with any conclusion that speculates real estate bubble in India..

kirana stores india

Unity in diversity – Survival Strategy for Kirana Stores

Once again Indian Government is in dilemma for allowing FDI in multi brand retail sector. On one hand opening up of one of the world's largest market for retail trade will meet the huge funding needs of this emerging..

indian bottled water market

Indian Bottled Water Set to Become a Billion-Dollar Industry

One can not think about life without water. We are blessed with adequate natural resources of water but increasing population, alarming rate of global warming and rapid industrialization and lack of adequate and improved..

marketing audit

Completed Financial Audit..? Now its time for Marketing Audit

Looking at the marketing strategies and performance of major companies in current recession time as compare to those of economic boom five years ago, the most striking impression is marketing strategy..

perform well in global recession

10 Indian Industry sectors to perform well in global recession

As every business sector is affected by present global crisis and everybody is talking of slow down in business, still in India there are few sectors which will grow in this adverse situation. Lets have a look..

marketing mistakes

Top 10 International Marketing Mistakes...!

The best reason for exporting a product or service is to globalize your company and prosper in the millennium. It can happen for you, but you will probably need to evolve a whole new set of business attitudes and..

marketing consultant

What is a marketing consulant and how to become one?

A marketing consultant is a professional who offers expert advice and strategic guidance to businesses seeking to enhance their marketing efforts, solve complex marketing challenges or achieve specific marketing goals...