Certification Course in Management Consulting

Live Sessions | Case Studies | Practical Training


About Program

IKON’s Management Consulting course will help aspiring consultants to cultivate mindset and capabilities to become a successful marketing consultant. Taught and trained by a Certified Management Consultant with over 20 years of consulting experience, this program will teach you the essential frameworks, concepts and the best practices in marketing consulting. By providing a comprehensive understanding of the management consulting field, it equips participants with the essential tools to thrive in this rapidly expanding profession.

Cohort Starts - SOON | Weekends | Online live sessions | Duration 12-14 Weeks

Who is this program for?

This program is for marketing professionals of all ranks who want to start, build or elevate career as management consultant in strategic marketing

  • Freshers (MBA/Masters in Marketing)
  • Early to mid-career marketing professionals
  • Senior leaders in marketing departments in companies
  • Entrepreneurs who want to set up their own marketing consulting firm

Eligibility: Post-Graduate or equivalent in marketing or related field from a recognized university

Program Outcomes

Clear understaning and in-built capabilities to become a marketing consultant

Management Consulting Proficiency

Gain an in-depth understanding of management consulting's intricacies, methodologies, and industry best practices

Problem Solving Skills

Learn problem-solving methodologies, to approach diverse scenarios effectively and achieve successful resolutions.

Growth Hacking

Acquire skills to identify growth opportunities by analyzing market trends, customer behaviors, and competitive landscapes.

Strategic Mindset

Learn to formulate brand strategy, GTM plan, and digital marketing approaches to help clients achieve desired business goals.

Result Oriented Approach

Gain insights and acquire expertise in leading clients through strategy execution, and deliver desired outcomes.

Effective Client Engagement

Master the art of understanding client needs, creating persuasive proposals, and fostering professional relationships.

Program Modules

Learn through theories, case studies and practical training

  • Introduction to Management Consulting
  • What does a management consultant do?
  • Consulting in Marketing
  • Purpose of Hiring a Marketing Consultant
  • Key Capabilities and Skills of a Marketing Consultant
  • Career Path of a Management Consultant
  • Introduction
  • Real-life Examples of Consulting Projects in the Space
  • The Problem Definition Process
  • MECE Principle
  • 5-Why Analysis
  • Pareto Principle
  • Pyramid Principle
  • Learn through IKON’s client Case Study
  • Assignment
  • Introduction to Market Opportunity Assessment
  • Real-life Examples of Consulting Projects in the Space
  • Approach and Methodology
  • Presentation
  • Learn through IKON’s client Case Study
  • Assignment
  • Introduction to Brand Strategy
  • Approach and Methodology
  • Real-life examples of Consulting Projects
  • Presentation
  • Learn through IKON’s client Case Study
  • Assignment
  • Introduction to Go-to-market Strategy
  • Real-life examples of Consulting Projects
  • Approach and Methodology
  • Presentation
  • Learn through IKON’s client Case Study
  • Assignment
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Real-life examples of Consulting Projects
  • Approach and Methodology
  • Presentation
  • Learn through IKON’s client Case Study
  • Assignment
  • Introduction to Implementation
  • Challenges faced by Consultant
  • Kotter's Eight-Step Change Model
  • Implementation Planning
  • Learn through IKON’s client Case Study
  • Assignment
  • Client Engagement Process
  • Developing Proposal
  • Presentation
  • Assignment
  • Project Briefing
  • Team Building
  • Weekly Sessions for Doubt Solving and Mentorship
  • Evaluation

Program Director

Learn from a seasoned management consultant

Azaz Motiwala

Azaz Motiwala is an accomplished Certified Management Consultant and Founder of IKON, known for his deep expertise in strategic marketing, branding, and digital strategies. With over 20 years of experience in marketing consulting, Azaz has helped more than 300 companies worldwide from different industries to solve their marketing challenges and achieve their business goals. His expert views and insights are regularly featured in reputed news platforms, reflecting his influential contributions to the field. As an author, he has penned "The Dictionary of Marketing", a testament to his depth of knowledge and contribution to the marketing discipline.

  • Helped 300+ companies globally to overcome complex marketing challenges
  • Certified Management Consultant with extensive industry experience
  • A proven track record of delivering impactful solutions for business growth
  • Renowned for refining strategic problem-solving methodologies
  • Committed to mentorship and enhancing the consulting skills of aspiring professionals

How does program work?

Weekly Live Sessions

Interactive weekly classes led by Azaz Motiwala, fostering direct learning and real-time Q&A engagement

Hands-on Practice

Apply learned theories practically through assignments to solve real challenges, honing practical skills

Case Studies

Learn from IKON’s case studies, delving into real-world scenarios and create effective solutions

Simulation of Consulting Project

Translate knowledge into action through real-world consulting project under mentorship of experienced management consultant

Doubt Solving

Get your doubts solved by Azaz Motiwala while working on consulting project through weekly Q&A session

Get Certified

Achieve recognition with a valuable certificate upon successful completion of management consulting course

What will you get after completion of the program?

Not only certificates but also consulting opportunities to earn

Certificate of Completion

Participants will be awarded ‘Certificate of Completion’ if they attended all live sessions in first 8-weeks.

Certificate of Experience

Participants will be awarded ‘Certificate of Experience’ if they attended all live sessions and completed a simulated consulting project.

Consulting Opportunities

Participants who performed exceptionally well will be provided consulting opportunities to start earning handsomely.

Program Fees

For First 8 Modules

Rs. 30,000/- + GST

Complete first 8 Modules successfully and Get 'Certificate of Completion'


*Terms and Conditions Applied.

For All 9 Modules

Rs. 60,000/- + GST

Complete all 9 Modules and Get 'Certificate of Completion' + 'Certificate of Experience' + Consulting Opportunities


*Terms and Conditions Applied.


To enrol in this management consulting certification program, participants should possess fundamental knowledge of marketing and business concepts. This background ensures effective comprehension of the advanced materials covered during the course.

The mode of live session will be online over Zoom only. You will be provided a schedule and necessary credentials to attend the live session by email/WhatsApp.

We expect not to miss any of the sessions. However in such circumstances, you will get access to the session recordings within 48 hours of the session upon placing the request.

The LIVE sessions are approximately 60-90 mins long. Apart from that, you’ll need to spare 3-4 hours per week for the first 8-weeks as you’ll get assignments to practice learned concepts. For the 9-12 weeks, you’ll need to spare 6-7 hours per week to practically work on a simulated consulting project.

Yes of course, there will be assignments, real business case study and other evaluations. Beside this, you will get a simulated consulting project to practically work on. It will be evaluated by our experts.

Upon submitting your application for the Program, our experts will review it for eligibility. If selected, you will receive an email confirming your enrollment. Following this, you'll be required to pay the program fees to secure your admission.

You can make the payment through IMPS / NEFT, by sending us a cheque, or depositing a cheque into our bank account.

If you have further questions, please email us at career@ikonmarket.com