Convert more visitors into customers by optimizing the website’s performance.

The biggest challenge marketers’ facing today is not the less website visitors but less conversion. Today, marketers can far generate a website traffic using different digital marketing tactics, but converting them into leads or sales to prove ROI is the major issue for them. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the solution of such issue that can increase conversion on the website to achieve desired business goal(s).

Whether it is a macro or micro conversion, we help clients increase conversion rate on their website by identifying the issues and recommending the changes to make on the website.

Our Approach to Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Insights

After having initial inputs on a client’s business, USPs and goals, we start with creating conversion insights of the website to identify areas of improvement in the funnel. We gather quantitative and qualitative data using several tools such as Google Analytics, Heat mapping, Customer Survey etc. and further analyze it to understand what website visitors do, where they move and how they take particular action.


Based on conversion insights, our Conversion Rate optimization experts make an educated guess about what changes to the web pages or funnel will have a particular effect due to particular reason.


After forming a structured hypothesis, our team selects and run the most suitable test method such as A/B test, Split URL test and Multivariate test across the website and landing pages. The experiments consist of small changes in web pages right through to a large layout change.

Analysis and Recommendation

Using Google analytics and advanced CRO tools, our team starts analyzing the test results to see if the hypothesis proved or disproved. Based on the test results, we make recommendations on winning variation keeping in mind its cost of deployment and ROI. Though it is unlikely that the hypothesis disproved, but in such case, our team redo the entire process of conversion rate optimization to find the winning variation.

Monitor and Optimize

After deploying the changes, we constantly monitor the performance of the website and landing pages, which can then fuel the further optimization efforts to continually improve the website’s conversion rate.

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