Indian Packaged Wheat Flour (Atta) Market – Breaking the Traditions

wheat flour market in India

Wheat flour is a powder obtained from the grinding of wheat used for human consumption. There are mainly two techniques of grinding the wheat to get the flour, stone ground and roller flourmill. Before the late-80s, wheat flour (atta) was mainly home grinded or milled through local chakki mills in India. The homemakers used to buy raw wheat in bulk, clean it by hand, store it, and milled it using traditional hand driven chakki or bring some quantity of wheat every week to the local mill or chakki to grind for meeting their daily needs. Although, the wheat flour market largely dominated by local chakki mills in India; the branded packaged wheat flour is emerging rapidly in the country and breaking the old age traditions. The introduction of new product variants such as multi-grain atta, fortified atta by the national/regional players are capitalizing on hygiene and convenience factors.

This report provides an overview of how the Packaged Wheat Flour Market in India is breaking the old age tradition with the relevant figures and estimations regarding the market size and growth in value and volume, market structure, market across Indian zones, top cities and in urban and rural India. Further, the per capita consumption in Urban and Rural India shows the varied consumption of packaged wheat flour in Chapter - 1. How the competition is intensified shown in Chapter - 2 with the market share of various players. Chapter – 3 highlights the current market trends with increased preference for the packaged wheat flour. Chapter – 4 shows who, why, how of the consumers of packaged wheat flour and gives answer to why it is the choice of modern consumer. Chapter 5 & 6 deals with major growth drivers and challenges respectively. How the market is likely to be double the current size shown in Chapter – 8 with future market projections. Chapter 9 provides information on laws governing packaged wheat flour in India. Chapter 10 deals with who are the major players ruling Indian packaged wheat flour market with their brief profiles.

The market insight is useful for,

  • Understanding and scanning the Indian market for identifying market entry and expansion opportunities
  • Getting insights of right market segments & taping new market opportunities
  • Analyzing competition at national level
  • Developing nation wide marketing strategy and plan

Beneficial to:

Wheat Flour mills, Flour brands, Investors and Venture Capitalists, Industry Analysts & Consultants, Corporate and Entrepreneurs, Industry association, Education and Government Institutes

Table of Content:

Research Methodology

Executive Summary

  • 1.1 Product Overview - Packaged Wheat Flour
  • 1.2 Market Overview
  • 1.3 Market Structure
  • 1.4 Market Size & Growth
    • 1.4.1 Market Value Analysis
    • 1.4.2 Market Volume Analysis
  • 1.5 Urban-Rural Market Overview
  • 1.6 Region wise Market Overview
  • 1.7 State-wise Market of Packaged Wheat Flour (Atta) Market in India
  • 1.8 Market by top 20 cities
  • 1.9 Packaged Wheat Flour Per Capita Consumption Overview
    • 1.9.1 Per Capita Consumption: India Overview
    • 1.9.2 Per Capita Consumption: Region Overview
  • 2.1 The Competition Overview
  • 2.2 Key Players
  • 2.3 Other Brands
  • 2.4 Market Share
  • 3.1 Market Trends Overview
  • 3.2 Increased Nos of Chakki Mills
  • 3.3 Product Innovation
  • 3.4 Private Label Brands
  • 3.5 Pricing Trend
  • 3.5 Packaging Trend
  • 3.6 Distribution Trend
  • 3.7 Advertising and Promotion Trend
  • 4.1 Consumer Insights Overview
  • 4.2 Who Buys the Packaged Wheat Flour in India?
  • 4.3 Why They Buy?
  • 4.4 How They Buy?
  • 4.5 Factors Affecting Buying Decision
  • 5.1 Increased Urbanization
  • 5.2 Indian Middle Class with Increasing Disposable Income
  • 5.3 Favourable Number of Young Population
  • 5.4 Rising Nuclear Families & Number of Working Women
  • 5.5 Changing Food Habits of Indian Consumers
  • 5.6 Convenience Factor Associated with Packaged Goods
  • 5.7 Rising Health Awareness
  • 5.8 Growing Organized Retailing
  • 5.9 Private Label Penetration
  • 5.10 Migration of People
  • 6.1 Consumer Perception
  • 6.2 Product Packaging & Supply Chain Management
  • 6.3 Establishing Strong Distribution Network
  • 6.4 Low Entry Barriers to Industry
  • 6.5 Regulatory Environment
  • 7.1 The Market Future

Regulatory Environment

  • 1. ITC Ltd
  • 2. General Mills India Pvt Ltd
  • 3. Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL)
  • 4. Cargill India Pvt Ltd
  • 5. Shakti Bhog Foods Ltd
  • Figure 1: Indian Wheat Flour - Market Structure
  • Figure 2: Packaged Wheat Flour - The Channel of Distribution
  • Figure 3: Packaged Wheat Flour - Consumer Segments
  • Table 1: Leading Brands India – Packaged Wheat Flour
  • Table 2: Regional Brands India – Packaged Wheat Flour
  • Exhibit 1: Packaged Wheat Flour Market in India: Value Overview (2012-16)
  • Exhibit 2: Packaged Wheat Flour Market in India: Volume Overview (2012-16)
  • Exhibit 3: Packaged Wheat Flour: Urban & Rural Market Size (2014-15)
  • Exhibit 4: Packaged Wheat Flour: Urban & Rural Market Share (2014-15)
  • Exhibit 5: Packaged Wheat Flour: Region wise Market in India (2014-15)
  • Exhibit 6: Packaged Wheat Flour: Region/State Wise Market in India (2014-15)
  • Exhibit 7: Packaged Wheat Flour: By Top 20 Cities
  • Exhibit 8: Packaged Wheat Flour: Per Capita Consumption India (2014-15)
  • Exhibit 9: Packaged Wheat Flour: Region-wise Per Capita Consumption India (2014-15)
  • Exhibit 10: Packaged Wheat Flour: Key Players Market Share (2014-15)
  • Exhibit 11: Packaged Wheat Flour: Demand Trend
  • Exhibit 12: Growth of Urban Population in India
  • Exhibit 13: India personal disposable income
  • Exhibit 14: Distribution of Indian Population By Age-Group
  • Exhibit 15: Future of Packaged Wheat Flour Market in India: Value Overview (2015-20)

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