UAE packaged wheat flour market

Expats Drive UAE Packaged Wheat Flour Market

As a being staple food, demand of wheat flour has always remained constant in the world most particularly in Asian region. However, in the country like UAE, where 88% population are of expatriates and among them 70% are Asians

narendra modi PM of india

5 Marketing Lessons Marketers should learn from Modi’s Victory

With a gigantic victory of Narendra Modi in 2014 general elections, it became clear that like in US and other European countries, now trend of strategic marketing started in Indian politics which was rare in history.

platinum jewellery

Platinum Jewellery Market in India Started to Shine Bright

According to IKON Marketing Consultant’s latest market insight, “The Indian Platinum Jewellery Market:Young India Affair”, the platinum jewellery market in India is worth around Rs 1900 Cr and growing at a healthy double digit

indian nutraceuticals market

The Indian Nutraceuticals Market: Poised from Neutral to TOP Gear

According to recent research by IKON Marketing Consultants, the current decade is going to change the prescription in Indian Pharmaceutical industry as Indian population is experiencing a shift in disease profiles.

pharmaceuticals market in india

Pharmaceutical Market in India by 2020: A Healthy Decade

Indian Pharmaceutical industry is playing crucial role in keeping India healthy and wealthy. The industry is highly regulated consisting of large as well as small and medium enterprises including Public sector, MNCs & Private players.

automotive market in India

Indian Automotive Industry: Emerging Global Auto Hub

The Indian Automotive Industry is one of the largest industries and a key contributing sector to economy. It consists of manufacturers of wide range of automobiles and auto components.